Transitioning an Existing Office 365 Customer

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This article provides the steps for transition of existing Office 365 services for a Reseller or Customer account.  This article applies to accounts that are currently or previously registered with Office 365 either via direct subscription or under another non-federated provider.  If the account’s domain has never previously been registered with Office 365, please refer to the Enabling New Office 365 Services article.

Please note that the transition will need to be authorized by a user with Global Admin rights for the existing Office 365 account.  We recommend that you have the Global Admin user credentials ready before proceeding with the steps in this article.

If you are enabling Office 365 services for a Customer or sub-Reseller, please be sure to log in to that account before proceeding, otherwise you will be enabling the services on YOUR account.

  1. In the Control Panel, click on The Catalog in the left-hand menu.

  2. Click on the Activate Product switch on the right-hand side of the Office 365 product bar.

  3. Click the Let’s do this! button in the confirmation window.

  4. Click the Start the transition process button.
  5. Click the Continue button.

  6. A Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Invitation window will open in a new browser tab.  Click the Sign In button to continue.

  7. Enter the email address of the Global Admin user for the existing Office 365 account, and click Next.

  8. Enter the user’s password, and click Sign In.

  9. Check the terms and conditions box, and then click the OK button.

  10. Once the CSP Invitation has been accepted, return to the customer’s My Services page in your Reseller Control Panel.

  11. Click the Continue Transition button.

  12. The Control Panel will scan the active users and licenses in the current Office 365 account.  It will present a list of the detected users along with the current registered license for each user and the best-guess matching license on our system.  Review and make any changes to the Associated License field that are needed.  If you do not see the correctly matching licenses from the options presented, choose Discuss License Option from the list and our Support Team will reach out to you to assist you further.

  13. Click the Start Transition button when you are ready to proceed.

  14. Click the Confirm button to begin the transition.

  15. The transition process will begin, and may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete depending on the number of users being transitioned.

  16. Once the transition process is complete, all transitioned users will appear in the User List.  User licenses can now be directly managed via the Reseller Control Panel.

Please note that the transition process will ONLY assign new licenses to each transitioned user under your account.  The process WILL NOT cancel existing subscriptions, including direct subscriptions or licenses issued by other providers.  Once the transition process is completed, we recommend the customer contact their previous license provider to cancel the old licenses.  Customers may be double-billed if they do not cancel their old licenses.

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