Enabling New Office 365 Services

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This article provides the steps for enabling new Office 365 services for a Reseller or Customer account.  This article applies when customers do not already have an Office 365 account and their domain is not registered with Office 365.  If the account’s domain already exists in Office 365 and is being transitioned to your Reseller account, please refer to the Transitioning an Existing Office 365 Customer article.

***IMPORTANT*** – This method is designed for partners wishing to use the automated and federated Office 365 account method to create a branded and customized experience for their customers that is dedicated and locked to your brand (think GoDaddy 365). Creating a new Office 365 account using this method will automatically generate a random Office 365 tenant domain (IE: 4546sfd15fdsa1546fdsa45fda456.onmicrosoft.com) which may or may not be desirable based on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, the SharePoint online address for this customer would now be 4546sfd15fdsa1546fdsa45fda456.sharepoint.com. If you would like to choose a custom tenant domain name, (IE: AwesomeCustomer.onmicrosoft.com) we recommend setting up a trial Office 365 account and then using the “Transitioning an Existing Office 365 Customer” method. If you are unsure the best way to create a trial account for a customer, you can use any of the below links to walk through the process…

Office 365 Trial Links – 25 Licenses

Account Validation Note: Microsoft requires validation of the domain assigned to the Office 365 account.  Validation is performed via a TXT DNS Record that is sent to the Alternative Contact on the account via Email.  We recommend that you have access to the domain hosting provider and are ready to add the needed DNS record before proceeding with these steps.

If you are enabling Office 365 services for a Customer or sub-Reseller, please be sure to log in to that account before proceeding, or you will be provisioning services for YOUR account.

  1. In the Control Panel of the customer or reseller that you wish to enable Office 365 services for, click on The Catalog in the left-hand menu.

  2. Click on the Activate Product switch on the right-hand side of the Office 365 product bar.

  3. Click the Let’s do this! button in the confirmation window.

  4. Click the Configure Product button.

  5. Verify the product configuration data.  Please note that the Email address entered will receive an email containing the Domain Validation record information that will be needed to add the required DNS record to the domain.  Also note that Office 365 will verify the City, State, ZIP, and Country information to ensure they match, so they will need to entered accurately and spelled correctly.  Once the data have been verified, click the Save button.

  6. After a few minutes, the email address listed in the previous screen will receive an automated email containing the domain validation DNS record information.

    If the automated email has not been received after an hour, please check any spam filters to ensure it has not been quarantined.  The email can be re-sent by returning to the My Services page in the Control Panel and clicking the resend verification email link.  If the automated email fails to arrive even after being re-sent, and has not been quarantined by a spam filter, it may indicate an issue with the domain or with the address information that was entered.  Please contact our Support Team for additional assistance.

  7. Log into your domain’s hosting provider and create a new TXT DNS record as described in the automated email. You may need to contact the domain’s provider for assistance in creating a record in their system.

  8. Once the new DNS record has been added and propagated (this may take anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours, depending on the provider), return to the My Services page in the Control Panel.

  9. Click the Verify Domain button to complete the domain validation process.

  10. The validation process can take a few minutes depending on the network load at Office 365.  After a few minutes, refresh My Services page.  When the validation has successfully completed, the My Services page will show the list of users and available Office 365 services.

  11. You may now assign Office 365 services to your users by selecting the users and clicking the switch for the service to be assigned to those users. Click the Save button to assign the selected services.
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