Change of Primary/Primary Billing Contact Requests

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We understand that, as companies change and grow, so, too, can employees and their functions within the company. We take the privacy, security and integrity of our customers’ accounts very seriously. Should the Primary Contact or other Contacts of the account have their status change (such as title change, or termination/voluntary leave from the company), or if a company’s name changes, we will be happy to assist you in updating your account records. To update your account to reflect the latest changes, please provide us with the following:

  • All requests must be in written form and sent to Billing(at) for processing. Please note that we do not accept any requests sent via ‘On Behalf of’ or ‘As’ nor are we able to accept requests to update your account information over the phone.
  • Requests must be on official company letterhead, originate from the head of the company (e.g. Owner, CEO, President), and attached as a .pdf file. A copy of this authorization will be attached to your account for future reference and to protect the integrity of the account. A copy of this authorization may be requested at any time by the Primary Contact on the account by emailing Billing(at)
  • The request must state the following:
    • Individual’s full name
    • Role within the company
    • Full email address
    • Telephone number (including area code)
    • Level of access to the account (Primary Contact, Primary Billing Contact, or Technical Contact)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Billing information will only be released to either the Primary Billing Contact of Record or Primary contact.

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