What is the Cloud App Portal from LogicCloud IT?

We are so glad you asked. The LogicCloud IT Cloud App Portal is here to disrupt and revolutionize the management, licensing and distribution of cloud applications and services, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365, for EVERYONE!


Sick of having to feel like you need to get a degree in IT just to setup a new user?

Tired of all the portals? Portals, Portals everywhere and none of them seem to talk. No more having one portal to manage licenses, one portal to manage users, one portal to do… How about we stop there and just have one portal to rule them all?

Stop relying on others for simple tasks. Fed up with having to call your IT support company and wait for even simple management tasks like resetting a user’s Office 365 Password or adding a new Business Premium or Visio license; when you could do in less than a minute and keep your day moving?

Resellers / MSP’s / CSP’s / VAR’s

The services your customers need, the brand they trust… YOURS!

Immediate customer consumption of cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 with click-to-provision services means immediate billable services with less technician time, or no technician time with self-signup.

Put distribution in your hands with whitelabeled, Simplified click-to-provision, self-onboarding, self-signup product exposure to your customer base.

You searched high and low for the right service at the right price. Negotiated your butt off with every vendor, maybe even did some things that make you cringe just to get that extra 1% of margin to try and make all this headache worth it (hey, now judgement here). Now you are managing every customer’s specific service within every vendor’s specific portal, they all suck, your team hates you and your customers are confused where they are supposed to go for what licenses or to manage anything; you probably spend hours on documentation just to try and clear up the confusion… STOP!!!

Use our built in direct to vendor licensing network and be your own distributor for services like Office 365 with amazing margins.

Did some unthinkable and unspeakable things that keep you up at night and have somehow have margins with your current disti that are better? Awesome, bring your existing distributor and still manage everything in the one portal!

Starting MSP’s / Small IT Shops / One man shows

Thinking about becoming a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), maybe a Microsoft Office 365 CSP for licensing, but can’t make it worth your time because of super low margins on CSP licensing through distributors?

Can’t stomach to pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to Microsoft for the “Privilege” of being able to purchase directly? This is the solution!

We all had to start somewhere, and many of us only desire to be one or two people. That shouldn’t mean that you can’t still provide the same services as the big MSP’s.

Don’t want to mess with billing and invoicing? We got you covered with our bill-on-behalf service we will invoice and collect, they pay, we pay you. Yep, that simple!

All this and more, coming to everyone soon!

Currently the Cloud App Portal is being used privately for the end customers of LogicCloud IT and is in beta for select resellers and MSP’s. If you are a current or starting out MSP or reseller and would like to be considered for our private beta, contact us so we can review and see if you are a fit for our beta program.